The YET Cast

The YET cast will use interviews, , comedy, and conversation between the two co-hosts to discuss issues, that positively and negatively impact both political, and religious bodies. The podcast will also empower you with actionable solutions that will both uplift, and inspire you to be the agent of change in your communities.

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    Achieving Unity

    What does unity cost? Have we counted that cost? Daniel speaks on this issue.

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    Stand Still and See the Salvation of Yahweh

    In this podcast, We have a message about Exodus 14. Everyone knows what happened in this account. It is famous. In this message, it is connected to our days and our times.

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    The Master's Cup: Joseph Pt. 1

    In this podcast, Daniel expounds on Genesis chapter 44. He explains the background in the last portion. How did Joseph end up in Egypt? What was his relationship with his brothers? Thee is so much in this little message. There is a challenge to us all at the end. May we be like Joseph.

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    Taking the Pulse of HR: Interview with Brian Newman of Hebrew Hearts Ministries

    In this episode of the Yahad YET Cast, we interview Brian Newman of Hebrew Hearts Ministries. We discuss the manifold problems in HR (Hebrew Roots). These issues center on humility, lack of leadership, misassignment of individuals in the congregations, and mistrust. As painful as the issues are, the solutions will be likewise painful for us.

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    The freedom of Responsibility

    We often believe that we have freedom, meaning freedom to do what we will. In our walk with Yahweh, we have the freedom of responsibility. He gave us things to do, to obey, to observe, and we have that privilege to do as he commands.

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    The Freedom of Divine Order

    What is divine order? Is it what we have been told it is? Bishop Regesh speaks to this and more.

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